Dear reader. I want to take this time to tell you a bit about why I chose to write this blog: I am a man in constant struggle. I struggle to find my place, to know who I am, to be a better husband, to understand my role as a teacher, to do what is right, to… well, you get the picture. Many times those struggles can be boiled down to possibly the most important struggle there is. That is, to know The Truth. I am not speaking here of a religious, political, scientific, or any other specific truth. I am just speaking of those large, overarching, all-consuming questions that all of humanity has. Many of them, if not all, can find their roots in that one, basic, foundational question: “What is true?” Maybe that is too grand an aspiration for one such as I, but it is that journey to find truth that I shall attempt to chronicle here.

I, acknowledging my conformation bias and general predisposition to automatically discredit certain people and views, am trying to make a commitment to, as honestly as possible, evaluate issues, and not people. I desire to look at what people say, what they believe, why they believe it, and challenge my own points of view. Like many of my favorite writers, I do not believe you can ever be unbiased about an issue. So many things play on our conscious and unconscious minds that we are not aware of that we approach everything in the present with baggage from the past. While lack of bias may not be possible, I firmly believe that HONESTY is! That is all I can offer: My (hopefully) honest evaluation in my writing.

In that spirit, I invite you to read along and respond with honesty and respectful dialogue. Thank you!

ADDENDUM: It was in the pondering of my goal of pursuing honesty in my writing and assessment that I had a bit of a realization that I needed to add here. Honesty does NOT imply agreement. At times I will disagree with people, philosophies, worldviews, and theologies. While I cannot offer abject agreement with everyone, I can offer a whole-hearted attempt to honestly evaluate opposing positions and to make every effort to represent them as they would represent themselves. I will have to constantly be on my guard to not slip in to my habit of vilifying an opposing view to promote my own superiority. If you feel that I have unfairly represented someone or their beliefs, please advise me of this oversight. Nothing hinders dialogue more than one side presenting another under false pretenses. This can only lead to arguments ad hominem ad nauseam.


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