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I am an educator, an avid amateur photographer, have a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback, a crazy cat, and am married to the most amazing woman I know. She also happens to be the mother of our awesome little boy, Banjo. I am constantly searching for truth and these blogs are a bit of that search.

Some Reasons Why This Christian is a NeverTrumpChristian

Donald Trump recently came to Austin, TX where I reside. I decided to go to the rally with a friend and silently protest his candidacy for Presidency of the United States wearing a shirt that said #NeverTrumpChristian. (We even ended … Continue reading

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The Billionaire Boy’s club in educational reform

The following short article is another response that I wrote for my graduate class in Educational System Reform. Please feel free to let me know what you think! A response to “The Death and the Life of the Great American … Continue reading

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On Frederick Douglass and Learning

  It has been far too long since my last post and I wanted to write a bit about education. I am currently attaining my Master’s Degree in STEM Education and for my current class we had a reading from … Continue reading

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How Skeptics and Believers can connect: from NY Times This is an awesome article that echos some of what I have talked about and actually talks about some of what I am writing about in an upcoming post about Faith … Continue reading

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My Arguments: A Brief Confession

In the spirit of being honest as the title of my blog suggests, I want to confess something that I have noticed about myself. I, despite how hard I try, at times have difficulty listening to people that I disagree … Continue reading

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On Truth: A Continuation, or Rather, a Clarification

In considering my last blog post concerning truth I believe that I did not fully clarify a very important point. That being, that while I do think that two, mutually exclusive, truths cannot exist simultaneously, two different truths can. Let … Continue reading

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On The Existence of Truth

If you read my first blog post, you may have noticed a common theme that I kept prattling on about. I kept mentioning the word “truth”. Why would I keep bringing that up? Why is it so important to me? … Continue reading

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