On Humility and the Search for Truth

On Humility and the Search for Truth

Well, here goes. This is my first blog post since I was in the Peace Corps over four years ago. I must admit that I am a bit nervous about getting back into it again. Much of that nervousness comes from the weightiness of the subjects that I plan to tackle. In light of that weightiness, I want to share with you a bit about what motivated me to begin this blog.

If you could not tell by the title of my blog, I consider myself a Christian in what many would call the Protestant, Judeo-Christian tradition. I grew up with that faith and have taken it VERY seriously at times, and at other times I have not believed a word of it. Along with the continuum of faith that I have demonstrated over the last 29 years of my life I am a science teacher and an amateur scientist. I love learning and teaching about science and all of its facets and implications.

The so-called battle between “faith and reason” or “science and religion” seems to be incredibly played out in today’s society and media. I feel like I am constantly in the middle of that battle and that many times it is being fought for my approval or voice. Does science disprove God? Is science engaged in a conspiracy to promote atheism?

I have heard both of these conflicting comments in various forms over the years and I wonder if either one of them have any truth. If science does indeed disprove God then either God does not exist or the science is wrong. This is a very loaded statement and many individuals, myself included, have very intense reactions to its ramifications.

I am in the process of evaluating these statements now while acknowledging my conformation bias and preconceived ideas. I just read a fascinating article that dealt with “factual knowledge” and how quickly those facts become “wrong”. What this inspires me to do is make an attempt to be more humble in what I know to be true and realize that it is entirely possible that a good portion of what I believe is wrong. Although, I am unable to find the quote, I believe it was Richard Feynman, my favorite physicist, who said something akin to “Half of what I believe is wrong. The trick is finding out which half.”

Being honest with myself I cannot yet claim this humility, but it is something that I desire to attain. This blog will be my attempt, unqualified though it may be; to humbly learn what truth I can from wherever it can be found. I think that our society would be much improved if we all stopped trying to show our own superiority and just had humble, respectful, meaningful discourse with one another.

This blog will be my account of my personal search for truth. I will be writing about books I am reading, movies that I am watching, conversations that I am having and anything else that happens to influence me. I am not what many consider a fickle person, but I want to be very careful to not waver for the sake of not having to choose a side. I also need to constantly live in a state of humility acknowledging that I do not, and never will, have the corner on the market for truth.

So, that is why I am writing this blog. I will make an effort to be as honest and respectful as I can be while making every effort to learn truth. I hope that you will do the same and perhaps we can begin a meaningful discourse together as truth seekers.

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